Wavlink Extender Flashing Red Error? Here’s Troubleshooting Tips!

Wavlink Extender Flashing Red Error? Here’s Troubleshooting Tips!

Description- The Wavlink wireless range extender device comes along with LED indicator light. Here you can resolve the Wavlink Extender Flashing Red light issue.

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If you use the Wavlink WiFi extender for WiFi router to extend the range, but the LED light of the extender is blinking red. So, in this situation, you will not be able to robust the range of your router. The red LED light error is the topmost issue, by which the user is not able to amplify the range. So don’t panic about this error because this guide will tell you the solution so that you can easily get rid of the Wavlink extender flashing red LED error. However, the Wavlink WiFi extender is mostly used to boost the WiFi network signals of your existing device such as a WiFi router, cable modem, gateway, & more. Additionally, with the Wi-Fi range of the extender, you will be able to stream HD videos in any hook of your home. 

Besides, the Wavlink Wi-Fi extender works with 3-in-modes such as repeater, router, & also access point. The 4 external antennas of the extender boost the WiFi signals & enhance the network performance. To maximize the range of your extender, you have to configure the extender. From wifi.wavlink.com, you will be capable of configuring the extender. 

What is the issue with the Wavlink extender flashing red LED?

The Wavlink range extender comes along with LED indicator light. This LED light indicates multiple colors. Then, you can easily determine the Wi-Fi signals and even location. But if the LED light indicates red that could be the issue. Then, for this, you have to verify the topmost solution. If you wish to easily resolve the issue, then you need to determine the issue. Because after knowing the issue, you will be able to resolve the error easily & quickly. Then, I will recommend some issues due to which the LED light indicates red.

  • Maybe the Wavlink extender position is too far from the router. 
  • Also, may the extender be placed near the metal object & also a heating source. 
  • You have not configured the Wavlink range extender setting
  • The possible issue is, you have not performed the extender setup
  • In the Ethernet cable connection, the cable is loose or cut
  • Maybe your router firmware is outdated
  • You have not connected the Wavlink extender to the router
  • Additionally, the range extender firmware is corrupted

Troubleshooting tips: Wavlink Extender Flashing Red Error

After knowing the major issue, you are able to solve the problem. Along with this, after knowing the major issue, it is easy for you to solve the issue. Let’s start to resolve the flashing red LED light error. 

Move the Wavlink extender position

First of all, you have to apply the position solutions. Because the incorrect position could cause the flashing red light error. Then, for this, you have to modify the extender position. If the extender position is far from the router, then you have to select the position of the Wavlink extender that is too close to your WiFi router. Additionally, make sure no heating devices are placed where your extender is placed. If placed, then you keep away the extender from the heating device as well as the metal device. 

Determine the range extender’s setting

The next troubleshooting tip is, you have to determine the Wavlink rage extender setting. To check the setting of this extender, firstly, you have to access the login admin panel. With the help of login default IP, you will be accessible to reach the admin panel. Then, you have to write the default login password in the password section, & also mention the username ID in the username section. After that, hit the login button. Now, you are able to access the home web management page. This page allows you to verify all settings of this extender.  

Change the default password

You can also resolve the flashing red LED light issue by changing the default password of the range extender. After login the extender with the help of the login admin panel or repeater setup, you can efficiently change the password. Under this setting, you will see the password section. Through this option, you have to mention a new password. After that, you have to click the save button. Now, the default password of the extender is changed. 

Connect the Wavlink extender to the router 

If your router is not connecting to the Wavlink extender properly then it could be the flashing red LED light issue. Then, for this, you have to connect the Wavlink extender to the router, again. Through the WPS button, you are able to connect the extender to the WiFi router. Just, press the WPS button of the extender, & and then press the WPS button of your router.

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