How to Make Custom Soap Boxes – 3 Easy Steps for the DIYer

In the world of soap-making, one of the most effective ways to get your product out there is through a soapbox — a portable, small-scale version of your business that you can take to events and markets. There are plenty of different methods for creating them, but here are three simple steps that will give you fantastic results.

  • Gather the materials you need to make your soapbox
  • Measure your soap and create a template for your soapbox
  • Cut out the template and put it together!

Gathering the materials, you need to make your soapboxes are the first step. In addition to a piece of cardboard or other sturdy material, you’ll also need a ruler, pencil, scissors, and glue. If you want to give your soapbox an extra touch, you can also use paint or markers to decorate it.

The second step is to measure your soap and create a template for your soapbox. To do this, simply measure the length, width, and height of your soap bar and then draw a rectangular template that matches these dimensions on your cardboard.

The third and final step is to cut out the template and put it together. This is probably the easiest step of all, as all you need to do is cut out the rectangle that you just drew, fold it into a box shape, and glue or tape it together at the seams.

And there you have it- a custom soap box made from a recycled cardboard box. As long as your measurements are correct and your seal isn’t too tight, this DIY will hold up well over time. Suppose you’re looking for more home decorating projects using materials like cardboard boxes. Then check out our posts on making flower pots with cereal boxes and creating wall art with picture frames.

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Gather the materials you need to make your soapbox

Make a rectangle out of the box with your utility knife, and then fold it into a box shape. Glue or tape together the seams to create a sturdy soapbox that will hold up well over time.

And there you have it- a custom soap box made from a recycled cardboard box. Have fun making these easy projects at home! You can apply the steps in this tutorial to any rectangular object. You can use shoe boxes, for example. If you are worried about the corners of your final product. You might want to use a whole piece of cardboard instead of cutting it down the middle so that you only need to fold one part of each side.

Measure your soap and create a template for your soapbox

If your soap is square or round, you can just improvise and make a box that will fit your soap. For this project, we are using a rectangular bar of soap. Start by cutting a piece of cardboard to the same size as your soap.

If you’re looking for an easy DIY project, look no further! In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to make a custom soapbox from a recycled cardboard box. This is a great way to reuse materials, and it’s also really affordable. You’ll only need a few basic supplies, including some scissors, tape, and glue.

Cut down one of the short sides of your cardboard so that it’s the same height as your soap. This will be the front and back of your box. Glue or tape the two short sides of your cardboard together to form a box. Cut a piece of paper to fit the top of your box and glue or tape it in place.

Cut out the template and put it together!

Now that you’ve made your soapbox, it’s time to decorate it! You can use any type of paper or fabric to cover your box. Glue or tape the paper in place. You can also add some fun stickers, ribbons, or flowers to dress it up.

Your soapbox is now ready to use! Just put your soap inside and enjoy. This is a great way to store your soap and keep it clean and dry. Plus, it makes a really cute gift for friends and family.

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Things you’ll need for creating a custom soapbox.

A soapbox, a piece of construction paper, glue, markers, crayons, and scissors. Cut out a piece of construction paper and glue it to your soapbox. Write one thing you like about your mom on your soapbox. Color it and make it look nice.

  1. Cut out little stars (or stars, circles, etc.) and places for people to write comments. Color them as you choose. (see below for instructions) 
  2. Put the icons in an art supply box (or in the refrigerator if your fridge is small) 
  3. First, create a plan of what you want your DIY event to look like. Draw pictures, draw up a whiteboard, have your mom decorate, whatever makes you happy (or semi-happy) 
  4. Decorate your happy moments with things that people might say to you, such as, “I miss you so much, mom. Can I buy you a cup of coffee? Oh, and could you wash my windows?” Or “Oh, honey, remind me to get you that magazine with photos of swimsuits so I can have customer service while I’m at the store. You might get molested.”
  5. Create some reusable containers or garnishes to put other things in. 

Why are custom boxes better as compared to traditional boxes?

If you’re making a bunch of one flavor, do it all at once and then just separate them into containers when they’re done. This is helpful because:

  1. You save time and water by easily stacking cups and rinsing the extra off instead of washing each one individually.
  2. If your supplies aren’t as accessible as possible, you’ll be searching for things endlessly rather than focusing on the deliciousness that is about to happen in your mouth (or, “I’m so happy I could cry.”)
  3. Cups stack easier since they are smaller! This means that you can fit more in your fridge or pantry if need be! Plus, there’s less surface area touching each cup which helps keep it clean.
  4. You can separate the flavors of ice cream if you are making a lot to take to everyone’s house. You can also have more than one flavor of ice cream for work or school.

Storing popsicles in straight tuck end boxes is a good idea. They won’t get squished unless something crazy happens. The box always has popsicles in it, so it’s easy to find them. It’s also easy for stacking! I only store things vertically when they are too big to put on the floor or if they will leak through the wrapper from being on their side forever.

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