How can I configure my optilink wireless range router wirelessly?

The Internet is so important for everyone in this digital world. A high speed internet connection must be required to perform all the internet activities. If you are looking for the best wireless router to replace your traditional router then the optilink wireless range router is best for your house use or office. In this router many advanced and multi-function features you will get. Three modes are available in this router. It can work like repeater mode | access point mode and router mode. This is a dual band wireless router that comes along with 2.4ghz and 5ghz frequencies. It’s time to replace your traditional router with an optilink router. 

The optilink wireless router is the best that allows a high speed internet connection by providing a wide and high speed range. If you want to configure your wireless router, you need to access the login interface to make login. This is a dual band router that provides a frequency of 2.4ghz and 5ghz. If your traditional router is not providing a high speed network and you are searching for a wireless router. Then the optilink wireless router is the best. By accessing the optilink login portal. So here are some steps to configure your router wirelessly. 

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Optilink wireless range router configuration wirelessly 

The optilink wireless router can be configured easily. In order to configure using an online web browser. Type the default IP of your optilink router in the URL box and search for it, A login interface will appear on your computer screen, Enter the login details to make successful login. The details about IP Address or login credentials are mentioned on the manual PDF of your device. Properly read and follow the instructions carefully. Follow the given steps :

  • Connect your device with the optilink wireless range router using wired connection or wirelessly. (In order to use a wired connection, Take an ethernet cable and connect one end with the router port and another with the device port).
  • Turn on your optilink wireless router by connecting the power adapter into a working electric outlet and switch it “ON”. Wait for power LED led.
  • Now, In your device open any web browser and in the URL box type the default IP address of your optilink router.
  • A login interface will appear on your computer screen, Enter the login username or password to make login. 
  • After successful login you will enter the device admin center, You will automatically redirect to the setup wizard page. Follow the on-screen instructions to configure your wireless router. 

In this way you can easily complete the wireless router configuration. If you are facing any kind of issues during accessing the admin login page. You can follow the troubleshooting steps that are given below . 

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Can’t login to optilink wireless range router?

The optilink configuration is an easy process but during accessing the login interface user’s will face many kind of issues so here are some reasons and solution that you can follow : 

  • Check your web browser compatibility, Try to access using any other web browser. 
  • Due to slow internet connection, This kind of issue can arise. 
  • Remove all the network obstacles if there are any.
  • Wait for some time, maybe the login page is under maintenance. 
  • Use the correct IP Address to access the login page, As well as your device must need to connect with the same network.

So these are some troubleshooting steps to fix the issue. 

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